Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update On Del Corazon Medical Team Treating Haitians

Just wanted to give you an update about Dr. Steve and his team.  He and his 3 friends made the long trip to the border town of Jimani, just on the Dominican Republic side between the DR and Haiti.  Another team of 16 doctors and nurses from California have met up with them.  To be able to get everyone to go and get all the supplies through was a miracle in itself.  The commander in charge was then to give them instructions on where to go. 

Steve had been going out in the vehicle looking for people who were injured and needed treatment and bringing them back to a church they had been using as a makeshift hospital.  A family in the area has been cooking food for them, but Steve's going out and trying to find any food he can.  A little girl charged Steve's cell phone for him, too, so he can keep in touch with Julie. 

Their plan is to stay until January 26th and then Steve and his friends will return to the DR and the team of 16 may return to California at that time, but I'm not sure about that. 

Please keep them all in your prayers.  It must be more difficult out there dealing with all this than we can imagine, but I know that God is with them, taking care of their spiritual, emotional and physical needs. 

Our God reigns!

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