Thursday, January 14, 2010

Huh. It's National Delurking Day. Well What Do You Know About That.

I don't know who makes these things up, but apparently it's National Delurking Day, as in, if you're a reader of a blog...namely, this one...but never a commenter, yep, you, I'm talking about you,  it's time to come out from behind that screen, stop lurking, and make yourself known. 

Seriously though, I'd love to meet you, if even just to say hi.  If you have any technical problems leaving a comment, would you do me a favor?  Would you send me an email (over to the right) and let me know what issues you're having?  I want to make it as easy as possible for people to leave a comment, and I know if you're not a blogger yourself you may have some problems.  And then say hi. 

God bless you, 


  1. Funny thing. I decided today that I'd go over to some of the blogs where the writer takes the time to read my blog and read their blog and leave a comment which could turn out to be a run-on sentence. So there you have it.

  2. I am a recoving run-on sentencer, Roger.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!



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