Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Foodie - Chicken Tortilla Soup

I don’t know about you, but I’m about cookied out. And since it’s winter, (at least we like to pretend it is here in the Arizona desert) I’m going to post a nice, warm, cozy soup for today’s Friday Foodie. The added beauty of this recipe is that it’s a crock-pot recipe, so you can put it on in the morning, let it cook all day, and it’s ready for dinner when you are. Julie, this is just for you.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

4 chicken breast halves
2 15-oz. cans black beans, undrained
2 15-oz. cans Mexican stewed tomatoes or Rotel tomatoes
1 cup salsa
4-oz. can chopped green chilis
14 ½-oz can tomato sauce
tortilla chips
shredded cheese

1. Combine all ingredients except chips and cheese in a large slow cooker. Cover; cook on low 8 hours.

2. Just before serving, remove chicken breasts and slice into bite-size pieces and stir into soup.

3. To serve, ladle soup into a bowl and top with crumbled tortilla chips and shredded cheese.


  1. I've got a really good recipe for this, too. And it calls for cilantro. I CANNOT make mexican food without it!

  2. Mmm..I love cilantro. I'd love to have your recipe whenever you have time!

  3. That sounds really yummy. Maybe I'll use my crockpot for the first time!

  4. You haven't used a crock-pot yet?! Oh, you'll love it!


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