Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Funnies - Fourth of July

Ode to Fourth of July

Oh, Fourth of July, how we adore thee;
With thy Red, White and Blue sales, both vehicle and sofa;
With thy crowds in the malls and specials on the tube-
Perhaps even time for a quick Jiffy lube.

We grill to our hearts’ content all manner of fodder
Lo! Dogs that are hot and bovine that’s grounded!
Cobbed corn, beans baked, and pies galore!
Watermelon seeds spewed ‘cross the floor.

Oh Fourth of July, we love to gather
‘neath your billowing banner this day
To gorge, then splash – but not too soon!
Lest a cramp in the belly would surely spell doom.

Then in darkness we gaze at the fireflies-
God’s own special brand of flame in the sky;
And reflect on the meaning of this special day-
Freedom that was purchased-a price others did pay.

Oh, Fourth of July, may we ne’er take you for granted.
For we love the freedom of which you remind us.
And above all that is done in silliness and contemplation
May we hold dear our freedom in God's gift of salvation.


  1. What a great blog..Love your design. Enjoyed reading your blog tonight...had some time to do some blog hopping...Have a Happy 4th!

  2. Why thank you Teresa! Thanks for stopping by. You have a happy
    4th, too!


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