Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thanks - Music

There is nothing like a familiar melody to give comfort to the deepest parts of our souls when we're hurting. There are times when really, nothing else will do.

I have a few songs that I will go to when I need to be uplifted and reminded that this world is not all there is. That there is a precious and caring God Who loves me and knows all of my wounds, both old and new, that have scratched across the surface of my heart. Some of them are very temporary and superficial; others will likely last a lifetime and burrow deep into the core of my being where only God can reach.

And sometimes He reaches those lonely places with a song. And so today, I am thankful that our God created the ability to worship Him through music and that He gave some the marvelous gift to link together rhythm and rhyme and gave all of us the ability to give voice to the tune, even if only in our hearts.

One song that never fails to elicit a delighted smile within my heart, if not on my face, even as the first few notes hover in the air is King of Glory by Third Day. The words focus my mind and heart back onto worshipping my Savior as they remind me that He is not only the King of the world, but of my heart, and my soul is filled with a renewed wonder at His majesty. And as the song nears its crescendo, I am awash with awe once again that at this time in all of history, I am supremely blessed to have been called by name into His royal kingdom to serve the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

For what song are you thankful?

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