Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ooo, a poll.

Hello bloggies.  I have a dilemma I'd like you to help me solve.  When I write out the Monday devotional posts, I wonder if they're too long and that they could scare some people away.  So I've created a poll over to the side where you can vote (yes, completely anonymously) on your choice - shorter, a little longer like they have been, or either way, it doesn't matter to you.  This blog is for you and I really do want to make it a place where you feel comfortable sitting down and being encouraged in your walk with the Lord.  But it's hard to know the audience when I'm stuck behind this big, rectangular piece of electronics.  So if you would take a second and vote for your choice I'd be ever so grateful.  I've left the poll open for one week. 

Thank you. 

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