Friday, September 11, 2009

Proof That God's Grace is Alive and Well

Heyyyy! I'm so excited and blessed to have been asked by my friends, Tim and Cindy Mrva, to be one of the devotional contributers for the monthly newsletter for their online Christian store, Halas & Phos, Salt & Light.

Please check out their virtual store, which has scads (scads is still a word, right?) of Christian merchandise, complete with cool t-shirts, homeschool curriculum, jewelry, Christian skateboards and even sunglasses with doves on the side and verses printed on the inside of the arm. Yep, gonna have to pick me up a pair of those. There's so much more I couldn't even list it all here.

They also have a ministry page with links to devotions, blogs, websites and stories that will surely bless you. And you can also sign up to receive their monthly newsletters by email, which will introduce you to new merchandise, let you know about sales that they're having and will also include a link to the monthly devotion.

Here's a little intro to the first devotion, hot off the press:

In the Driver's Seat? Scoot Over!

A while back I was driving with my 17-year-old son in the front passenger seat of the car when we came to an intersection. My goal was to turn right after a car or two had passed. Apparently, I was taking entirely too much time for my son’s taste as he thought it was safe to move into traffic, and he, in no uncertain terms, let me know of his wisdom on this subject. (Read the rest here.)

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