Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just Give Me Jesus!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend for this important announcement:  Jesus loves you!

I was talking to some friends about how noisy the world is and how sometimes I am overwhelmed with all the do's and don'ts, the criticism and rejection.  Sin abounds in the world and temptation is ever lurking.  Life is hard and painful and exhausting....and sometimes, I just want to shut all that out and say, JUST GIVE ME JESUS!

My dear sister in the Lord, Anne Graham Lotz, evangelist Billy Graham's daughter, wrote a book and recorded a DVD set of teachings called Just Give Me Jesus.  Every now and then, when life just gets to be too much, I think of her teachings and say, "Just give me Jesus!" 

Oh, how I hope this gives you a measure of comfort in your life right now in those hard-to-reach corners of your heart that have become weary...those places you try to ignore and hope they'll go away on their own..those places you've tried filling up with anything other than Jesus Himself. 

He is waiting to fill them up, to fill you up, with His love and His good and faithful character. He is complete and He is all you need. I pray that after listening to the precious words of Anne Graham Lotz you will be inspired to draw closer and dive deeper into the God Who created you for a purpose and loves you over and above anything you could ever imagine.

Just let the world go, let Him have your cares, close your eyes and let Him love you. 

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