Monday, February 14, 2011

An Extravagant Love

There is one love that surpasses them all, the love story of all love stories. A love that overshadows all other loves, one that has been since before time and always will be, and that is God’s love for you and me.

God is the genesis of all love. His love is pure, it is perfect, it is constant. It is unconditional and selfless. All He has done and ever will do stems from His unwavering love for us. He has poured out His love on us so lavishly that sometimes we hardly notice it.  Nevertheless, He’s been wooing his Bride since the beginning of time.

He gave the sun to warm us, the stars to shine and lead our way. He gave us galaxies to discover, mountains to climb, caves to explore. He gave the oceans’ waves to ride and summer's smell of fresh-cut grass. He paints a new masterpiece to wake us and another to send us to bed. He gave us cool breezes rustling through leaves.

He gave us one another as spouses, as parents and children, and as friends. He gave us language that we might speak and pen our love for one another. He even gave us fragrant roses, diamond mines and cocoa beans.

He called one man to be the father of His people that He might show His amazing love to and through them. And He never left them. He led them through the desert to the Promised Land, provided all their needs and came to their rescue time and time again.

Then He gave another Man to show His love to all the world; He gave His only Son over to death to purchase our souls from hell.  He then raised Him from the dead, showing us His power over death and gave us hope.

And though it could never contain Him, His Holy Spirit dwells within our hearts, even the very darkest, most broken recesses. He leads us and ministers to us, counsels us and comforts us. And He rescues us time and time again.

He is our Knight in shining armor, sparing nothing to go after us, revealing Himself to us over and over until we let Him in and His love is ours and ours is His. He has given all the universe, and imprinted the farthest reaches with His everlasting love.

This is a picture taken by the Hubble telescope of the center of the Whirpool Galaxy, which is located approximately 31 million light-years from our Milky Way Galaxy.  The radius of the Whirpool Galaxy is approximately 38,000
light-years. This center, thought to be a black hole, stands perpendicular to the spiral nebula

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting
love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
Jeremiah 31:3

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