Friday, August 6, 2010

To Tell the Truth

Sometimes I go searching the blogosphere for good, Christian blogs, blogs that will uplift me and encourage me and give me hope, the kind that can only come from the truth that's in God's Word and is played out in the relationship between a believer in Christ and the Holy Spirit that indwells him or her.  But I often find something else.  I find people who seem to be compromising their faith in favor of being popular. I find blogs that claim to be Christian but will mock the purity that God has and desires us to have.  I find blogs with points of view that don't include the full counsel of God, but will take a point out of context and in the process they do the truth a great disservice. 

There are many very good blogs out there, but I also find blogs that seem to be trying to conform to the world rather than conforming to the heart of God.  I'm actually quite shocked and often saddened to read the things that are floating around out there in the name of Christianity and I believe that's a direct correlation to what's going on in much of the church today.. I'm sure there are many reasons why that happens, desire to gain readers, not spending enough time in prayer in order to hear from God, and probably a lot of other reasons I can't even think of right now. It boils down to the fact that what we believe, or don't, for whatever reasons, comes out in what we write.

And I can understand how that could happen.  I can understand how a person can start out with the best of intentions, godly intentions, and begin to look around at other blogs, Christian and otherwise, who have 100's and even 1,000's of readers and desire to be as successful as they are with something they love to do. 

I've been at this blogging business myself for over 2 years now and I will often get discouraged at the low numbers of readers I'm still getting.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every one of you!  But the temptation to write like this or that successful blogger, to try to follow some formula or to quit blogging all together out of the feeling that I'm not having much of an impact, can be very great. 

But I can't quit, not yet at least.  I love to write and I love my God and my desire is to make Him known in all unadulterated, uncompromised truth.  By the grace of God this blog will never take a stance based on political correctness or popularity with the masses.  And if I never grow in readership, then so be it.  I will leave that to God.  My business is to be about God's business and to give testimony about Him in the purest light possible. 

When I stand before God I won't care one iota whether or not I was popular, or had thousands of readers or no readers at all.  What I will care about is whether or not I was true to my faith in Jesus Christ and whether or not I magnified His Name above all.  And that is what I aim to do.  All glory be to God. 

In Service to the King,

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