Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thanks - The Cacao Plant

I love chocolate. I really, really do.

I also love the thought that at some point God planted a cocoa bean plant, which is actually a small tree, in one spot of the world, and a sugar cane plant, which is actually a grass, in another spot of the world, and then grinned, knowing that someone, somewhere would think to combine the seeds from one and the fibrous residue from another so that we could enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with a good book on a rainy day.

Or so that we could send a heart-shaped box of varied confections of them to a special love on Valentine's Day. Or enjoy it frosted it on a cake to celebrate a child's birthday. Or munch on a box of them in a movie theatre either covered in a candy-coated shell or coating a gooey junior peppermint treat.

Or hide a sleeve of it, masterfully blanketing a peanut butter cup, in the bottom shelf of my fridge, otherwise known as Mom's Private Stash Shelf, for whenever my little ol' heart desires.

So for all it's wondrous forms, thank you, Lord, for chocolate.

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