Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

A truth God recently poured into my guarded heart:

God's light shines brighter through a transparent soul.



  1. *Plops down by Groovy and ponders with her*

  2. Been thinking about this today...and Jeremiah 17:9.I pray for a true view of myself-& a pure heart. Add a transparent soul.

  3. When there are those times that God pulls back the curtain that hides the ugliness that is still in my heart, waiting to be purged, I wonder how He has so much patience with me. In those moments I can't stand myself. How can He stand me? He is altogether lovely and gracious and willing to keep working on me.

  4. Do you know, the times when I have been most aware of just how foolish and prideful and rotten I am, those same times have been when I have known most intimately the high worth Christ ascribes to me.

    I think transparency must always always be born out of trust in God because of the vulnerability that comes with it.

    I don't understand either, Groovy. His faithfulness is such a mystery to me.

    :) My thoughts.

  5. Awesome thoughts, Leanna.

    I think that's why my heart has always been guarded and my soul mostly hidden - it's always been hard to trust people. And unfortunately the Lord gets swept in all the "people" that I find hard to trust. But He's teaching me more and more how trustworthy He is and that it's safe to be transparent with Him. He will never reject me or leave me or hold a grudge. He's just keeps on loving me.

    Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing!