Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Funnies - She Walked the Walk - Chonda Pierce

Okay, so everybody who's had a fried bologna sandwich signify by saying, "aye."

"Aye!" (My Kentucky roots are showing.)

They're great, aren't they? If you haven't tried one, just throw a slice or two of bologna in the frying pan, (don't forget to make a slice from the center of the bologna all the way to the edge so you don't get that big bubble in the middle), cook it, flip it and cook it some more, and put it on your favorite bread with your choice of condiments. Me? I can't let any sort of condiment get between my and my bologna.

I think only in the south, though, is bologna considered a cut of meat. Maybe the rest of the country will soon catch on to this delicious and inexpensive delicacy.

I hope along with that we'll all open our eyes to the needs around us and catch on to the delicious and very rewarding gift of sharing. If we ever needed to step out and show the love of Jesus, it's now.

Happy friday!

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  1. I'm from Indiana, and when I was little, I did partake in a fried bologna (baloney) sandwich a time or two.


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