Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Persecuted Church in China

Sunday, November 8, is this year's designated day for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP).  Please remember to pray on that day for our persecuted, imprisoned and tortured brothers and sisters in Christ who are bravely and boldly standing for Christ throughout the world.  May we never take our freedoms for granted, and may we also pray for the Church in our own United States, that we will never fall under the category of a persecuted church, and if we do, may we be willing to stand strong in our faith in the One, True God, our Faithful Father and Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Body of Christ located in the People's Republic of China is possibly the most widely persecuted among nations.  More Christians are in prison or under detention in China than in any other country.  Churches have had to find refuge literally underground in order to continue to gather together in Jesus' Name.  The following are a few short stories of what Christians in China are enduring simply to continue in their faith.  Their steadfastness and even joy in the Lord in the face of such suffering makes me weep. 

Personal Prayer Request
As reported on The Voice of the Martyrs, on October 20th, Chen Le, who is a high school student in China was expelled from school for the sole reason that he would not renounce his faith in Christ.  His expulsion notice read as follows:

Chen Le, a 2nd grader from Class 8 of Senior High School, was found by Bazhou Public Security Agency and other related agencies to have engaged in Christian gatherings. His school was notified that it should educate the student and persuade him to mend his ways. However, efforts from the class advisor and some leaders from the school in educating him have all failed and this student persists in his belief that he should not renounce his Christian belief. He can’t promise that he will not believe in Christianity or attend Christian activities. He also claims that if the school wants him to write a statement of self-criticism and self-introspection of examining his error of attending religious activities as a high school student, he would rather not attend this school. Given the above situation, this school advises him to transfer to other related schools.

Chen Le signed a document admitting his faith in Jesus Christ, even though the expulsion means that he'll be barred from college entrance exams.  Please pray for Chen Le and for his family, and for our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout China.


  1. Not to go all political here, but can you believe we are this countries #1 trade partner? could you imagine America if we did not trade with China but produced our own goods? I might have a job!
    Thanks for the reminder to pray for the persecuted church.

  2. That's a really good point. And can you imagine China if America insisted that we would not trade with them until they stopped persecuting people? But the world revolves around greed and pride. No wonder its societies are weakening.

    Thanks, Will.

  3. China "ownes" America....we owe them more money than I can wrap my mind around.


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