Monday, January 12, 2009

Healing Through Forgiveness

I am completely blessed and humbled that a fellow blogger and brother in the Lord, Allan, has asked me to write an article, which you can find here, for his blog, More Than Coping, which I link to at the right under Treasured Blogs. His blog is a much-needed one that gives hope and insight and resources regarding all kinds of mental illness, from depression to bi-polar disease to schizophrenia, especially as it pertains to Christians.

Many Christians mistakenly believe that any time a believer suffers with a mental illness it is only because that person is either in sin, isn’t trusting God, or is somehow being punished. Because so many Christians who are dealing with some sort of mental illness run into those kinds of beliefs, even within their own congregations, many times they suffer in silence. More Than Coping lists many churches that don’t ascribe to those mistaken beliefs, where help and counseling can be found. I encourage you to check out his blog even if you aren’t one of the many people who are dealing with a mental illness. Perhaps you have a loved one who does.

I tell this part of my story so that God may be glorified and so that there may be some who will be encouraged to allow God to begin a process of healing in their own hearts through choosing to forgive, even someone who has hurt them deeply. If it’s possible in my life, it’s possible in yours, as well.



  1. Dorci, It was really an honor to share a part of your life with those who drop by my blog. It isn't always an easy thing to dredge up these type memories as it can be a trial unto itself.

    My prayer is many will read it and that God's perfect will would be done in the lives of those who need His touch. Thanks for being so transparent. Allan

  2. Thanks, Allan. You just don't know what a blessing this has been for me.


Thanks for sharing!