Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost Boy

Pastor Greg Laurie has written his own amazing life story in the autobiography Lost Boy. I'm trying to hold off reading it until I can finish the other three books I'm currently reading, but when it arrived in the mail I couldn't help cracking it open to peruse the Contents to see the titles of the chapters. Then I had to read the forward by Franklin Graham.

"And oh! There's a foreward by Chuck Smith! Well I have to read that....and a, I'll just skim that and see what Pastor Greg says...well, these first couple of chapters don't seem very long.."

Okay, so I was able to finally force myself to put the book down after chapter three so that I could go back to the serial killer, Eve, who at this point seems to be running rampant in Ted Dekker's thriller, Adam.

But I'll be able to get another taste of Pastor Greg's story on Sunday, June 22, when the documentary, Lost Boy, will premiere at 6 pm Pacific Time on his website If the documentary is half as powerful as his book is, it's sure to be a faith-builder.

Greg Laurie's story is one of just that, a boy who had lost his way, but then found himself right in the middle of God's love and grace and miracles. A place of hope.

So, I thought I'd post the link for you in case you'd like to watch the documentary and see Pastor Greg talk about the God who plucked him from an almost certain life of remaining lost in drugs and being swallowed up by the world to a life of purpose and joy. A life of redemption where he now has a father, his Heavenly Father.

Be sure to check your time zone.

Have a blessed day.

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